Friday, March 19, 2010

Testing Latex in Blogger

This is just a test of a "plug-in" to display math using LaTex in Blogger: \[x=\sum_i^M x_i\]

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Maemo 5 SDK in Gentoo

This is a small guide to install Maemo 5 SDK in Gentoo. The steps that I present  here were based on the Maemo 5 SDK installation guide. There exist a GUI installer, but in this post I will present just step by step using console commands.

The installation was done in a 32 bit computer, obviously running Gentoo, with kernel 2.6.31.

Points to consider before installing Maemo:

  • VDSO support must not be set in the host kernel. To check if this feature is turned on run this command as root  
        $cat /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled
        if a 1 is shown then vdso is enabled.  To turn it off run as root   
        $echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/vdso_enabled
        or add the following kernel parameter vdso=0.
    • Xephyr must be installed. In order to test whether Xephyr is installed execute the following command:  
                $Xephyr :2                                                                          

      If it doesn't  work then add the kdriver flag to your USE variable and recompile xorg-server. It should work after that.


      1. Download Maemo installation scripts 
      2.  Install Scratchbox by running:
      $sudo ./ -u USER -s PATH/scratchbox

      where USER=username for the scratchbox system and PATH= path where you want the files to be installed. Note that this path must include a directory named scratchbox.

      3. Log into the new unix-group "sbox" created by the installer  running
      $newgrp sbox

      4. Install the SDK by running
      $./ -s  PATH/scratchbox

      PATH is the route where scratchbox was installed in the 2nd step.

      5. Start Scratchbox
      $PATH/scratchbox/sbin/sbox_ctl start

      6. Login to Scratchbox

      7. Get the Nokia Binaries from, and Accept the EULA, then copy the address that is given to you after accepting the EULA  and paste it at the bottom in /etc/apt/sources.list file for both targets ARMEL and X86.

      Selecting Targets:

      ARMEL Target
       [sbox-FREMANTLE_X86: ~] sb-conf select FREMANTLE_ARMEL 
      X86 Target
      [sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~] sb-conf select FREMANTLE_X86

      $ nano -w /etc/apt/sources.list 

      Then run the following command in both targets
      [sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~] apt-get update
      in order to update repositories in the scratchbox  (Debian based Linux)

      8. Finally, Install the Nokia Binaries in both targets
      [sbox-FREMANTLE_ARMEL: ~] fakeroot apt-get install nokia-binaries --fix-missing

      9. Now, start the UI as shown in

      I strongly recommend reading the Maemo 5 SDK installation guide for any specific detail.
      Happy Hacking =)

      Friday, December 18, 2009

      New Space for sharing some info

      After having my own blog using an old PC, which by the way died a few months ago, I decided to start using Blogger as my new tool for posting information about the stuff I do in my geeky life.

      Hope you enjoy it! :)